Subject: Re: Oregon

Reversing the plan shouldn't be a problem. I'd vote for first night in/near Astoria, way up at the northwestern tip of the state. I usually am camping, so no suggestions about lodging, however.

Further south is Garibaldi, less crowded than Seaside. Both are "beachy". Also with great beach vistas is Cannon Beach, but it's further south than Seaside & you may not want to drive that far. It's light till about 9pm, tho, so you'd get some nice sunset stuff.

The fast route to the beach from Portland is Hiway 26, Sunset Hiway, which spills you out at Seaside. Funky eating spot enroute is at Camp 18, an old logging camp cum restaurant.

Great suggestions from other Ziners on fave spots. Once you get hooked on Oregon, you'll be exploring for years to see it all!

Gail In Eugene