Subject: Re: Guatemala and Belize ???
Hi Frank and fellow Ziners,

I didn't go on a tour of Belize, except on my own. I found signage to be sparse, tho that may be less of a problem if there are two of you - one can drive and one can watch. A tour would probably be easier unless you don't mind wandering.

I used Hotel Mopan in Belize City as a base. At the time I got a very low price because they were "remodeling" - I'm thinking new carpet - the whole front of the hotel was off and there were boards leading over the mud. I almost started crying since I had had a bad fall in Mexico and had a badly sprained hip and wrist, along with gashes all up and down my legs and arms. All I wanted was a nice bed to collapse on. The workmen helped me to my room - and it was absolutely spotless! The A/C was so cold I had to turn it down (and I can barely start temps much above 80 degrees.) So if it was that nice during extensive re-modeling, it has to be great now!

Marguerite in Chicagoland