Subject: Re: Avoiding deep vein thrombosis
Hello Linda and Ziners everywhere,

Having had several long flights resulting in very swollen ankles, I asked the question about graduated compression socks on the Zine a year or so ago. The overwhelming opinion was that I should purchase some. Some of you had them custom made others bought them from the local travel store. I got mine at the travel store on Cumberland Terrace here in Toronto and have been thrilled with them, I think they were around $20 a pair. No more swollen feet and ankles and so far no DVT, I highly recommend them.

On another note, we will be purchasing our Australia flights on Monday, we have the weekend to resolve the dilemma of whether to fly into Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and where to fly out of! Thank you for all your wonderful advice.

Hope to see some of you over there!

Regards Sue Waterloo ON