Subject: Re: Caribbean
Hi Elaine and other Ziners -

Hopefully, when you're in the Caribbean in November, hurricane season will be over. We've been to many Caribbean islands over the years, and they each have their own charm. We tend to like those islands which had been British and still retain some of the British traditions. A pair of islands which we visited several years ago and loved, are St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts has beautiful beaches, scenic drives, tropical rain forests, a dormant volcano, an impressive fort that once was the "Gibraltar of the Caribbean", and a lovely little capitol town, called Basseterre, complete with English style town square. In addition to the usual B and Bs, hotels and all-inclusive resorts, there are several exquisite plantation inns, from the days when the island was British. Some of these are The Golden Lemon, Ottley's Plantation Inn, and Rawlins Inn. A few miles away by small plane or a short ferry ride away, is the sister island of Nevis. Nevis is similar although somewhat smaller, and also has several of these beautiful old inns such as Montpelier and The Hermitage. Princess Diana once vacationed there. It wouldn't be difficult to combine both islands in one trip.

In our opinion, these islands have great beach life, but also provide plenty of opportunity for interesting sightseeing without being as touristy as some of the other islands. Here's a couple of websites you can use to research the islands. and

Margaret and Les in Toronto