Subject: Re: New York City in August
Vince & Gerry,

If you like art and have not been to NY since last fall, then you really should visit the newly-redone Museum of Modern Art. The entrance fee may be a steep $20 but it is worth it! The collection alone is enough to warrant a visit. But also of note is the new building. MoMA was closed for two years while they constructed new gallery space, a new entrance, an atrium, etc. I was there in April and was really struck by how understated but effective the new building is. While many other new museums go for the Frank Gehry effect (stunning architecture), MoMA remembered to keep the focus on the art. The layout is easy to navigate, the works are well spaced among the galleries and the lighting is good. Although there were lots of people when I visited in April, it did not feel that crowded. I highly recommend MoMA if it fits your schedule.

Mark in Los Angeles