Subject: Re: New York City in August
Hi Vince

We were in New York in June for the first time and had a wonderful visit. Do check the archives for some great restaurant recommendations given to us by Candice and by Reggie.

In addition, I'd like to add a couple of ideas that were highlights for us.

The Frick Collection on East 70th is wonderful. Not only because of the Art but also the building itself which is, as one travel writer put it, just like a very, very rich person's private home. It's also very manageable in a couple of hours.

Also, if you can make it to the Metropolitan Museum early Saturday evening, you can go up to the Roof Top Bar and have a Martini! or Not! and enjoy a wonderful view over Central Park.(No charge to just go up there)

We took a walking tour of Greenwich Village with Big Onion Walking tours and thought the young student guide was great. It was a couple of hours and well worth the $20 or so cost (can't remember the exact amount)

Have a wonderful visit, Judy Abbotsford BC