Subject: North California
Hey Ziners,

I have been really excited to follow the threads on this list. So much sharing of really interesting places.

I wanted to do a little sharing of some favorite spots in northern California that I have run into.

I am the outdoorsy type though so spectacular nature is what I gravitate towards.

Right in Sonoma county we have the Armstrong Redwoods State reserve. Its a large Redwoods park near Guerneville, and its absolutely magnificent.

Armstrong Redwoods offers day time trails, horseback riding, and an environmental campground. THe campgrounds are primitive with running water and toilets but little else. The campgrounds are up a steep windy hill that made driving in the alps look like a training ground for kid drivers. Its gorgeous there. The redwoods has truly stolen my heart.

As far as cities go, I have also fallen in love with Sonoma city. Close to Napa it has all the charm and perks of Napa, it is situated right in the middle of gorgeous wine country - but many tourists are not aware of Sonoma's charm so they go to Napa instead. Sonoma is a magnificent spot with lots of California history. The northern most California mission is there, and this is the spot from which California declared its "independence" way back when. There are a lot of well preserved old buildings. A gorgeous townsquare with restaurants - including side walk restaurants, excellent shopping, and wine tasting. Quite a few wineries and wine tasting rooms are nearby for those so inclined. One of my favorite wineries are the VJB Winery just down the road from there. Its a small family run and owned boutique winery, but they put a lot of artistry into those wines!

Warm Regards, Malene Sonoma CA