Subject: Re: Japan
Hi Ziners, and Debbie:

I met a gentleman on TheTravelzine in 1999 who became most informative about his country of Japan. We became friends through messaging back and forth. He spoke English, as his company sent him to Georgetown University to learn English.

He offered to show me Kyoto if I decide to come to Japan. I booked a tour and did not realize it was a 24 hour flight, but I am so glad I did go. I particularly enjoyed Hakone.

I met this Japanese gentleman when my tour reached Kyoto, and he was quite interesting and did a lot of walking around Kyoto. He took me to a tea ceremony. We had a good time, and he asked if he can show me Osaka Castle. This was my last city before going home. I agreed, and he took me through the castle and purchased a book for me about the history of Japan.

I will never forget Japan. It is truly a beautiful country and its people gracious.

Elaine Philadelphia