Subject: Re: Fascinating Japan Trip
Hi Ziners,

I found Debbie Shapiro's Japanese family homestay information interesting because on Monday we will be homestaying a Japanese teenage girl (Yuri) for 2 weeks. She will be attending English school in the morning and in the afternoon they are going to be doing touristy things in the afternoon - like visiting the Parliament buildings, canoeing and hiking in the Gautineas. We are supposed to be supplying her with a "Canadian experience".

We will be taking her to a friend's cottage for the long weekend and hopefully Montreal for the following weekend. My 14 year old daughter has volunteered herself to take her shopping as often as she can. She also got her soccer coach to allow Yuri to come to practices with her. I'll make sure she tries Poutine and Beaver Tails but other than that I'm fairly stumped.

What would your idea of the "Canadian Experience" be? I'm thinking for a teenage girl it would be MSN, movies and shopping but somehow it seems a long way to come just for that! hee.

On another note we booted my daughter to the guest room in the basement (she jumped at the chance - it has a TV) and Yuri will have her room. Unfortunately we had to take out all the stuffed animals because Yuri is allergic to dust. (It is amazing how big the room looks without half a million animals)

Diane from a small suburb of Ottawa