Subject: Re: Chicago
Hello fellow Ziners:

In regards to the inquiry about going into the loop for a visit between planes, I guess I agree with a previous posting that seemed to conclude there wouldn't be enough time for that traveler.

That said, I would suggest someone who was considering the same thing and had enough time to take the subway to the loop, our downtown, walk directly east towards the lake and into the fabulous new Millennium Park. Great fun sculpture, gardens, a Frank Gerry band stand that is a piece of sculpture in itself. Gerry also designed a bridge that is a stainless steel ribbon with a wooden plank walk way. All this and you look back over your shoulder any where in the park and see a dynamic skyline. You will discover everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest senior is having a delightful time and wearing a smile on their face.

For me, the most fun is meeting people from all over our country as well as other countries as you turn to comment on the sculpture, etc. You will have a most memorable experience/souvenir to take home with you. And it doesn't cost a dime!

To get a bit of the flavor of the place, go to the official site: .

Enjoy! Steve, in the park