Subject: My recent trips
Hello all,

Last summer a friend and I had a great trip to England...we have been there often before and it is our favorite country. My friend has a time share which she had saved up so we had two weeks and divided it between Torque and then Bones in the Lake District. We added on one week in London staying at the Scala House, a two bedroom short stay apartment building. For the first time in years we decided not to rent a car but decided to get a Brit Rail pass. It worked out so well and we enjoyed using the trains rather than having to worry about driving and parking. The timeshares were all great, 4 or 5 star and I almost hated having to leave to do sightseeing.

I was do the tourist scene and my genealogy while my friend did Wimbledon. No new places to eat since we tended to fix our own meals or do a fast food or museum cafe. I like trying out the new kitchens and going to the shops to pick things out. I don't cook much anymore at home but did like this. We did splurge on the restaurant at the Tate...the old one, not the modern where the food isn't too good.

This year I took my mother TN and Ala where her mother and father were from. This was her 88th birthday gift. We were in the Fayetteville TN area and Tuscumbia Ala vicinity. The landscape is very different from my home in Vegas and I enjoyed seeing rolling hills that were green instead of the varieties of brown I usually see. I didn't realize there would be so much of a food difference in the south. Lots of fried food and not too many veggies, but in spite of that we enjoyed it very much.

My timeshare friend and I are already planning next year for a return to England. So many counties we haven't been to so I am already looking at the catalog for new places.

Beth Sloan Las Vegas...