Subject: Re: Returning home ill
Hi Gail and Ziners,

I had a friend who claimed the secret was to always drink the local beer. It worked well for him as he never got sick, not even in Mexico. Won't work for me however as I can't stomach the stuff.

I always get mild stomach upsets, a nuisance but not a big problem - so far. On our recent trip we took a fairly new drug, Dukarol which they claim prevents at least 60 per cent of e coli (bacterial) caused diarrhea. It's a vaccine in soluble tablet form which you take twice six weeks apart, before departure. The effect lasts for about 3 months. It worked in that we didn't get e coli, but I still got the occasional minor stomach problem. I think it's in the genes, some people take chances with food abroad and never get sick, others like me keep to the old boil or peel maxim and still always get sick.

Good luck on the upcoming mission , better take some of that sulfa along with the Imodium and antibiotics.

Regards, Sue Waterloo ON