Subject: Re: Returning home ill
Hello Again,

I too forgot to mention water and I always use bottled water to brush my teeth. Being able to brush my teeth with tap water is one of the things I most look forward to about coming home after a long trip,that and the family of course.

Sometime though you are not in complete control. On a trip to Bali in 1998 our driver guide, Wayan, a deeply religious and spiritual man took us to Besakih the mother temple for the whole of the island. He asked us if we wanted to pray and so as not to offend him we said yes. He took us into the most sacred part of the temple reserved for worshipers and there a 'priestess" took us through a short ceremony. We copied Wayan, only later did I find out that as women we should have been using a different posture. However the point of the story is, during the prayer ceremony we were given water to drink, we both independently kept the water in our mouths and slowly let it trickle out between our teeth, meanwhile saying a silent prayer that neither Wayan or the priestess would notice and that we wouldn't get sick, the Gods were listening, we didn't.

Regards and thank you Gail for triggering a treasured memory of Bali, Sue Waterloo ON