Subject: Ford Falcon Wagon Rental - Melbourne
Hello everyone,

We have finally taken the plunge and decided on Melbourne as our point of entry and departure. We had to decide in a hurry in the end to avoid Singapore Airlines fuel surcharges. We have a side trip to Bali from Singapore on the way and we are feeling that we are well on our way. There are a couple of companies offering long term rental of Ford Falcon Wagons in Melbourne. (Car Connection and Totally Campers) This arrangement and the price seems to suit our plans. It is a low cost option as long as the vehicle doesn't need major repairs within the rental period. Has anyone done this kind of rental? I wonder what the cars are like - condition, reliability etc. We know we can buy with an optional buy back which could also be a good deal but overall we think we prefer the straight rental.

Regards, Sue in Waterloo ON