Subject: Re: Airport food

I just got back from a Tampa-Chicago-LaGuardia-Islip, LI, NY-Tampa trip. At Chicago's Midway, there is a higher classed food court just after you pass through security (for Concourse A and maybe it's B also -- ATA and Southwest).

Lalo's Mexican Restaurant is good; Harry Caray's was pretty good also. Food is not cheap at the airport but then again we live west coast central Florida so food and restaurants are more expensive then what we are used to. Noticed a Ben & Jerry's which had quite a line, mmm, ice cream! There were many choices that all looked good. You can walk around the tables in the center of the food court and see what appeals to you on peoples plates -- just don't start droolling.

The other airports -- no info on my end.

Flew into LaGuardia for the first part of the trip was great since Brooklyn and Forest Hills, Queens (my hometown) was the destination.

This was the first time I flew out of MacArthur airport in Islip which was certainly a lot easier than going back to the city from Mattituck (north fork of Long Island).

Mattituck was beautiful. My dearest childhood friend has a cottage on Peconic Bay. Enjoyed swimming with my Godson and watching the kids sail. Even though the weather was hot, it was lovely and comfortable at night without airconditioning. Thank goodness she just installed ceiling fans which moved the air around. Such an idyllic spot. We love the water weather it be bay, ocean, lake, river or gulf.

Safe and happy travels everyone, Bonnie Port Richey, FL