Subject: Re: Travelling by train
Hi Folks, Pat,

Copper Canyon is indeed a superb trip - the railway journey that is unless you're meaning going down into the canyon. I did the train trip in 1991 and it only cost a few dollars so I don't know how thousands come into it. I just rolled up at the station one morning, bought a ticket and boarded. Maybe with increasing popularity you now have to book in advance.

The train starts from Los Mochis on the coast and winds up through the mountains, sometimes over the back of itself until you get adjacent to the canyon. The train stops for maybe half an hour, so that's the limited view you get, and then proceeds to Chuahua. The train will obviously do the return trip but I don't know which is preferable.

Any good guide book, viz Lonely Planet, should give you the details or check out the man in seat 61 web site.

Patrick Australia