Subject: NYC Hotel and tourist help needed

Please forgive me for asking what has been asked in the recent past. I tried to search the archives and could not find a sufficient reply. I am from Long Island, now living in California. My 16 year old daughter and I are doing an East Coast College tour, visit family on Long Island, along with attending a family reunion in NC and visiting our old neighborhood in Northern Virginia.

She does not remember our life before California and wants to be a tourist as much as possible. I left NY at age 22 and need help to decide what to do so I do not add any more exhaustion than my schedule will already cause.

I plan to take the train in from Islip to Penn Station on Monday August 8th....early!! We will spend Monday night. We are not poor, but I do need to watch the money. I need a good place to stay for the one night, in a good central location.

My must do/see items are the tenement museum, the NYC Municipal archives and 29 Ave C. My hobby is genealogy, thus those items.

My daughter is not sure what she wants to do/see besides ground zero and the stock exchange and central park.

I know that is not much time but any ideas are appreciated....

Thanks is advance, Gail Jorgensen Southern California