Subject: Re: Collapsible Electric Scooters
Fellow Ziners,

I will do my best for anyone interested in being independent and not a burden to our loved ones. I am one of those as is Lou Matthews of Texas. Although I graduated from El Paso High School in Texas, I spent the best part of my 75 years in Pennsylvania where Medicare covers the subject needs. Lou, it is my suggestion you start with Medicare if Texas covers the cost. It is given freely to many people who visit our Longwood Gardens here in Pennsylvania and allows you a wonderful sense of freedom to move around on your own. I have seen these collapsible scooters recently when I went abroad. I was on tour with my son, and a mile and a half is the most I can walk. I understand where you are coming from. I too love to travel, and I would purchase one of these scooters if need be to remain self-reliant and able to move around normally. The airlines usually store them in front of the plane. Please let me know if you are able to get a collapsible electric scooter. I will be glad to help if I can. We too are up to the 90s here in Pennsylvania.

Good Luck, Elaine in Philadelphia