Subject: Re: Winter in South America
Hello, Malene -

It turned out that in my family the one who knows more about snorkeling and diving in Brazil is my son in law. As for the rest of South America we would not know but I would guess none of the other countries gets even close to Brazil in this field. People come from all over . As to if "they are nor much known by tourists" it is kind of a lottery. Some places are quite isolated, others may have a lot of people.

To keep this mail of reasonable length I will mention only a few places. There are dozens for these activities in this country.

Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos ( Abrolhos National Marine Park). A group of islands off the coast of the state of Bahia. Coral reefs, fishes of all colors and sizes, sea turtles, birds (nesting area) and whales from July to November, they go there to breed. Water depth visibility - 20 meters - from December to March. Temperature average - 24º C year round. Best in Brazil for snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. "Magnificent" Organized tours rent equipment.

Fernando de Noronha (Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park). Island off the coast of the states of Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte. Flight time from the capitals of these states about an hour and a half. Everything is regulated by IBAMA - national institute for the control of natural resources. Limited amount of visitors allowed in the island. The most beautiful beaches in Brazil (and that is saying something like the most beautiful beaches in the world!) "A paradise for divers". Coral reefs, infinite variety of fishes, sponges, barracudas, dolphins, etc. Warm weather year round. August - November: best diving September: greatest water depth visibility - 50 meters December - February: great waves for surfing March - July: rainy season / August - November: dry season Tours agencies provide transportation and equipment.

Morro de São Paulo, Tinharé Island, off the coast of the state of Bahia. Boat trip - about an hour and a half Great for diving - corals and rich marine life Beautiful beaches - some with lots of young people, others with total tranquility.

These are supposed to be the best. Of course ther are lots more. Like Barra Grande, state of Bahia; Ilha Bela, state of São Paulo; Cabo Frio and Buzios, state of Rio de Janeiro; and so on.

If you plan to come let me know and I will try to get more specific information of where you will be going.

Regards, Susana São Paulo, Brazil