Subject: Re: Airline food
Hi Ziners

I recently flew Air India and did not enjoy the food at all (or the service either for that matter but that would be another thread!).

They had regular meals (which were unidentifiable - but always called the chicken meal) and Indian vegetarian - those seemed to be the only choices. There were no other meals available (except a kids meal I found out later!).

On the way to India, I was in the back of the plane and they ran out of the "regular" chicken" meal - all they had left was the Indian vegetarian meals. I am not too fond of Indian food anyway - but I couldn't even eat this.

Then at another meal on the way back I was in the bathroom, so I was skipped. When I finally got served, they were out of regular meals again. All they had left was the Indian vegetarian. I told the attendant that I just couldn't eat it, but I really needed some food. She found me a cute kids meal -complete with smiley face potatoes and chicken strips. It was the best meal I had on Air India!

I doubt I will ever fly Air India again, but if so I will ask for a kids meal!

Gail in St. Louis