Subject: Re: Airline food
Good afternoon,

We recently flew from Malaga in Spain to Paris and from there on to Mauritius. Both flights were operated by Air France and we were pleasantly surprised to see that even on the relatively short hop between Malaga and Paris we were served a tasty and healthy snack. (Most other European airlines have done away with inflight catering for European flights). From Paris - Mauritius we were also served 2 lovely meals with unlimited snacks in between.

On the way back we flew Air Mauritius from Mauritius to Paris and having just been on an island inspired by Creole cooking, it was wonderful to see this was continued on the flight. We were served a mouthwatering Creole dish of rice and salted fish and "brede" (which can be a variety of green leafy vegs). The whole plane smelled like a Creole kitchen for a while, but nobody minded, because it was so fantastic!

Bard Vos Arroyo de la Miel