Subject: Re: NYC Hotel

Linda gave you a great list of hotels. If you choose the Riverside towers (an insider secret place) try to get a suite on the corner of 80th and Riverside Drive for fresh air from the river and great views. The suites cost about half of what a tiny, noisy, room at the Marriot would cost.

Where you get to wait in line for an elevator. The only possible downside (or plus) is it is a few blocks west of shopping or subways. This is what keeps it residential. Riverside park is a really nice place for a morning walk. As with anywhere in NYC be careful late at night, don't look like a tourist. Walk with a sense of purpose and be aware of the area around you. Enjoy visiting your old home and the greatest city on earth.

Linda, the Riverside Towers is a great choice and I'm glad to see people finding it. It is a sort of hidden gem of a hotel.

Thank You, David California U.S.A.