Subject: Re: Wichita, KS
Hi, Ziners...

I can highly recommend the space museum in nearby Hutchinson, one of those "how did this get out here" places. It's called the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.

It began as a local planetarium, but they decided to expand it about the time when the Apollo program was being shut down In a nutshell, they contacted NASA asking if they had anything lying round they could have for a museum? NASA said, sure, here's a lunar landing module, and how about a lot of spacesuits with names like Grissom, White and Chaffee on them? And lots of hardware?

So a real (obviously unused) lunar lander sits as the centerpiece of the museum, fronting some fascinating exhibits; I particularly remember one that asked the simple question "How did astronauts go to the toilet in outer space?" In those pre-shuttle days it wasn't as simple as going to a specially designed WC.

Regards... Dave Tucson AZ