Subject: Re: Airline food

Check out . It contains hundreds of digital photos of real airline meals with diner reviews. You will see meals from coach, business and first class. It is great fun to surf around and look at what each airline serves. For example, what might Air India have given to Ziner Gail in their vegetarian meal that was so inedible?

Back when the domestic American airlines did serve food, I always ordered the cold seafood plate for lunch or dinner. I got 4 or 5 big fat shrimp with the tails on plus a pile of shredded crab meat, some ziti pasta and grilled vegetables (usually zucchini). Everything was unseasoned, but lemon juice, cocktail sauce, salt and pepper usually perked things right up.

As many travellers within the US know, almost all of the domestic airlines have now dropped meal service in coach class. Even if you are travelling from LA to NY (a five hour flight), there is no hot food. You might get a snack box. Or perhaps you can buy a sandwich on board. But otherwise, you are on your own for sustenance.

Mark in Los Angeles