Subject: Anniversary weekend in Europe
Hi Ziners!

Any idea for a weekend in Europe Fri 5th - Sun 7th August? We have our 6th anniversary and I'd like to escape from end of vacation feelings.

In which city I'd get most out of such a sort time? I know, our interests are a bit different, but if we'd like to be just a pair of cliché tourist looking for x-marks for our 'Have to see in Europe'-list.

So it'll be 2 nights in somewhere flying from Helsinki, Finland. Accommodation decent and central, no stars needed, but clean would be nice.

My list of places include e.g. London, Paris, Athens (and from there some island by ferry, if we have time to take one before they stop for night), Budapest, Rome...

Time is crowded in Europe, but if there is just a little space for us too, I don't mind.

I'll start browsing messages and hotel list in archives, but thought it'll be worth of asking also by posting.

Summer regards, Kati from Tampere, Finland, Europe