Subject: Re: NYC Hotel

We stayed at the Riverside Hotel in March and weren't totally impressed. Our motto is 'sleep cheap, dine fine' and our usual NYC hotel has now closed so this was our first- time at Riverside. On the plus side, it is cheap, the neighbourhood is fine and it was clean (but a little worn), and the desk was helpful.

But our double room was REALLY tiny (even by NY standards). Literally one person had to move into the entrance to allow the other to move past. Also the windows and heating were permanently set. Window partially open and couldn't be moved. So the cooing of the pigeons each dawn ensured an early start for us! I measured the entire space (including bed, closet and bathroom) and it was about 120 square feet. Admittedly, we only used the room to sleep, so it wasn't a real problem, but we resolved to search out a different hotel on our next trip.

Now, if anyone knows something like the Mayflower (which was our previous regular and was demolished) please let us know.

Alan & Catherine Toronto