Subject: Re: Travel Nerves
Hi, Ziners.

Nelly asked if any of us get anxious or nervous before going on a trip. Yes, I think it's a normal reaction, as you're leaving the safety and comfort of home for the big, sometimes scary world outside your comfort zone.

I am a seasoned traveler, having been all over the world, and have traveled for several decades, as well as loving to travel. Travel is my life, and I couldn't exist without it. However, even with all of that, when the much anticipated journey comes within a few days, and especially the day before, I get feelings of anxiety. It's normal, and you shouldn't worry about it. The feeling dissipates once you're on your way.

And, of course, there's stress involved in worrying whether your plane will leave on time, will you make your connection, etc.

Diana San Diego, California