Subject: Travel Nerves

My favorite nervous travel story involves making a tight connection in Zurich. For some reason, my travel agent told me that 50 minutes was enough time because the next flight was at an adjoining gate from the one from which I would land. Before we landed, I started chatting with the gentleman sitting next to me, and told him I was a very nervous traveler and that I had been uneasy for two days about my connection but was comfortable because the next flight was at the gate near our arrival. He then told me that my next flight was in another terminal and that I would have to take an airport train to my next departure. I was aghast and he must have seen my terror, because he was kind enough to stay with me as we departed the plane, and walked with me to show me the way to the train terminal on a different level in the airport. He stood and waived goodbye as the train took off.

The positive part of the story is that the following year, I again had to make a connection in Zurich, but this time was I was relaxed and prepared to take the train from one terminal to another.

I fine that having a very detailed check list, both for packing and for preparation helps ease my nerves.

I have been living in Israel for eleven years, and every time that I leave, I am distraught for days before my trip. I think that some of it is age, and some is just the personality of the individual.

Bettina Jerusalem