Subject: Brazil - Natal or Pipa?
Hello Ziners,

This upcoming December we would like to fly to Brazil for a holiday. Our plane will land in Natal and now we are wondering what to do best; book a hotel in Ponta Negra; very near to Natal, or book a hotel in Pipa, a bit further away.

What we've heard and read about Pipa is that Pipa is some sort of hippi-town or surfers town while on the other hand other articles say that it is a pittoresque little town which is quiet with a beautiful beach where you can even see dolphins swim. Has anyone been here? Or in Ponta Negra perhaps?

And maybe someone can recommend a hotel there. We like hotels which are very close by where the action is (restaurants and cosy bars) but not where there is too much noise all the time.

Hope someone can advice us what to do best,

Regards, Marianne Netherlands