Subject: Re: Travel Nerves
Hi Nelly and Ziners..

One thing that helps settle my anxious state is pre-planning.

I have several permanent lists which I update as needed on Travel Reminders which includes things to do before we leave, things to take, itineraries to leave, etc.

Since we use timeshares pretty often, a section reminds me of staple foodstuffs to take and then to buy on site (so we don't have to think hard getting off a plane or arriving tired after a long drive).

When going to beach areas that section lists noodles or whatever.

Certain items to be double checked the morning we leave...such as pulling tv plugs and doublechecking that radios are off and the phone machine is turned down to one ring.. are asterisked.

So, other than clothes planning which I do a couple of weeks in advance, the anxiety turns into the excitement of going!!

Just keep smiling thru it all! and enjoy!

Lucille G in West Hartford,Ct.