Subject: Re: NYC Hotels and Priceline
Hi Ziners,

This past year, we stayed at the NY Hilton for $110 on Priceline. We had a great room on a Hilton Honours floor which I belive we were given because we are hilton honours members albeit at the lowest level.

If you are considering going this route and you are unfamiliar with Priceline and need some help as to how to proceed, I suggest going to . This free website is filled with great information and you will be able to get an idea of some other "winning" bids for your particular dates. It does seem that NY hotel rates are on the rise and the $100 or so rates for 4 stars may be difficult to achieve.

Betterbidding is a friendly board and the moderator lives in the NY area.

If you do book Priceline, they ask you book through so the board gets some credit and they also have links (for credit) to many other discount sites and directly to some hotel chains.

I am in no way connected to Betterbidding and I believe I was originally given the name by another member of TheTravelzine.

Best regards, Judy Abbotsford BC