Subject: Do drink the water

A few years ago, our eldest son and wife quit their jobs, sailed their boat under the Golden Gate Bridge, turned left, and spent the next six months sailing the Sea of Cortes. We joined them in La Paz, Baja, for a delightful week.

Due to a cholera epidemic some years before, the local law in South Baja decreed that all public water and drinking water be sanitized. While there, we drank the water, ate the food including the salads, and enjoyed our Margaritas. Restaurants seemed to be cleaner than many back home. No problems.

Heed the warnings, though. On a side trip to Mexico City, our daughter-in-law somehow contracted a devastating digestive parasite. Later treated by a Meskin MD for a $US 5 fee plus another $US 10 for the scrip. So much for "that third world healthcare!"

If you should find yourself in La Paz, a thoroughly delightful town, enjoy the fish tacos at the Brothers Gonzalez Taco Stand on the edge of the public square across the street from the Banamex Bank. You lucky folks in S CA, be informed that IMHO this is where Rubios got his recipe. Not unprecedented. In Lima OH, the best burger is the Kewpie which was internationalized by Dave Thomas as Wendy's. Our prayer is that Rubios should have similar success. At minimum, here in E TN.

A delightful side trip is to Todos Santos, site of what claims to be the Eagles' "Hotel California." I leave it to my betters to verify the authenticity of that claim.

And for a post hurricane season tour of Sea of Cortes, the Glacier Bay AK tour org, GoldBelt moves one of their cruise ships to La Paz for Sea of Cortes cruising, kayak tours, whale watching, etc. If our year 2000 Glacier Bay experience on one of their boats is any indication, it would be an excellent experience.

Jerry in E TN