Subject: Re: Add ICE to your cell phone!
Hi all,

Iīd like to point out a couple of things regarding these ICE recommendations (sorry if someone has already pointed them out) :

1._ ICE works perfectly in anglophone countries. I donīt think it would be so easily understood in Spain or other places, for example ... (not the same meaning). Very important point, this one. Donīt rely on everybody understanding this.

2._ If one of the persons coded as ICE is calling you, their name will come up as ICE1, ICE2 etc. in your mobile. Instead of that (mostly to make things easier for you), put something like "ICE Bill" and so on.

3._ What if we are talking about a bombing or a similar disaster, and the authorities shut down the mobile phone network? Donīt rely completely in the technology, keep a small card with the important numbers.

4._ If you lock your phone ... what if the emergency services have to switch it on? They wonīt be able to do it.

5._ I donīt know how it is abroad, but in Spain, when you donīt have connection to your provider, but there is another one in the area, your phone can dial into that network in order to use the emergency number : 112. Very handy.

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao/Madrid - Spain