Subject: Ocean Haven, central Oregon Coast
Hi Ziners,

Several months ago, in the Baltimore SUN, there appeared a small article written, coincidentally, by a person who lives in the same suburb that I do, describing her joy in finding Ocean Haven, near Yachats, Oregon. Sight unseen, based on that article, I called and booked for nine days; we had never been to Oregon and it seemed like a good place to go. What a glorious find: Ocean Haven consists of four suites in the same oceanfront house in which the owners live. There is also a small separate cottage right on the edge of the cliff above the sea. The owners emphasize ecology and saving the environment and have created a place of peace, serenity, quiet, with magnificent views of a practically deserted sand beach, tide pools brimming with sea anemones, starfish and other ocean creatures, sea stacks, rocks on which a seal colony lives. Their website has created mention on a national news program for its "No smokers, no pets, no Hummers" philosophy. Suites range from $85 to $110 per night, a great price, considering some suites are very large with up to two bedrooms, living room, complete full kitchen, and glorious ocean views through lots of windows. Even the smaller suites/cottage are wonderful, with full kitchens, eating areas, and bedroom, all with views. Staying there is like renting a vacation cottage; the suites are cleaned (better than anyplace I can ever remember staying) between guests and then the owners leave you alone, except for being readily available for any needs you have (they even sell a small line of good, easy to cook, organic foods if you don't feel like going to the nearest regular grocery story in Yachats, 8 miles north, or to one of the many good restaurants in the area. For longer stays such as ours, the owners will come in, clean, change bedding, empty the trash (which you must put in recycling bins in each unit) and do everything to make your stay pleasant. There is a path down the cliff to the beach, where one can spend hours exploring. Nearby are many local, state, national parks, brimming with activities for those who like the outdoors. We found ourselves, many days, just staying at Ocean Haven, looking at the views through the two pairs of binoculars in each room, reading from the fascinating library of books in each room and in the office, exploring the beach, sitting outside enjoying the cool air, watching the beautiful sunsets, and falling asleep and waking to the sound of the surf. We cannot imagine a more restful, peaceful, yet active vacation as that provided by Ocean Haven. So, what started as a whim from a local newspaper article, turned into a terrific find and a happy time. We plan to return soon.

Pat in Baltimore