Subject: Re: First Class Sleeper
Hi Ziners,

I ordered my First Class Sleeper from Gullivers Travels in Park Royal North, and it was available within about a week to 10 days.

Al raises an important issue, whether the sleeper would obstruct the view of the person behind. If you go to the website he provided, the image shows the sleeper being used, and inflated so that the top extends above the seat considerably.

When I used my sleeper, the actual amount of inflation was about one third that which appears in the photo, and the top of the cushion was only an inch or two beyond the top of my seat back. Inflating it more than that made it uncomfortable.

Different body types may have different needs. I am 5' 7", and slender; however, my sister, who is shorter than myself, and weighs more, also required less inflation than shown in the photo. The cushion is pretty malleable, so you can pretty well stuff it into whatever shape or length suits the situation. On one leg of the journey, she folded it in half to provide more cushioning for her tailbone.

I guess you would have to try it out (which Gulliver Travel made allowance for when I bought ours), and keep in mind consideration for other passengers. We have had no complaints yet.

I found it quite amazing what a difference even a little cushioning made to my endurance of the long flight in uncomfortable coach seats!

All the best, Terry in West Vancouver, B.C.