Subject: Re: New York City restaurant
Hi Kathy,

We have not had a lot of splurges in New York, but we just came back from a trip there last week. We ate at two very nice restaurants--one inexpensive for dinner and an expensive one for lunch. Both meals were really wonderful. For a restaurant to be successful in New York, the food has to reasonably good.

We are dinner at La Mediteranee, 947 Second Avenue, 755-4155. This is a small restaurant with a prix fixee of $21 which includes one appetizer, one entree, and dessert. My husband had tuna tartare, vicysoisse, and a chocolate dessert. I had zucchini soup, roast chicken over spinach and potatoes, and an apple tart. A friend had mussels in a delicious broth. It was a hugh bowl of them. The restaurant is small. The atmosphere is nice but not elegant. The food was wonderful and reasonable.

My husband and I chose to have lunch at the Union Square Cafe, 21 E. 16th,212.243.4020, a very well reviewed restaurant. It is quite a large place with three flours. My husband chose a fresh tuna burger and he said that he can see why this restaurant has such a wonderful reputation. I had sea bass which was one of the specials of the day. It was good, but not fabulous. We shared a berry cobbler with lemon verbina ice cream which was very yummy. It was about $75 for lunch including the tip. We like to go to nice restaurants for lunch. There is not as much food and it is less expensive!

You might want to read Ruth Reichl's new book, _Garlic and Sapphires_. She writes about her experiences as a restaurant critic for the New York Times. She is now the editor of Gourmet Magazine. Each chapter is on a different restaurant, including the Union Square Cafe. Two of the restaurants that I thought sounded the most interesting I found after an Internet search to be closed. Also Window on the World, as we know, no longer exists.

Have fun and eat well.

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.