Subject: Re: Oregon for hikers
Hi, Eva:

Oregon would be a great choice for camping/hiking!

When would you plan to visit? How long to stay? Day hikes or backpacking? Fishing? Huckleberry picking? Would you want to stay in one spot & range out for day hikes, or move around?

My sis & I had a great hike yesterday in a state park I usually overlook because the camping is so tame, Silver Falls. But there's a nice loop trail which we blitzed as I need the conditioning work for my racewalking team's big relay race at the end of August. However, as a sedate walk thru gorgeous canyons, it can't be beat. There are 10 waterfalls along the way & I would rate the trail as "easy" in terms of elevation & condition. On a weekday, it's awesome. It must be about 9 miles all told, just right for an afternoon's ramble.

However, there are literally thousands of hikes in Oregon, so if you'd give me details about your trip, I'd be happy to share some of my faves.

Susie is also correct, tho, that Idaho has some grand hiking & is actually my second most favorite locale.

Gail In Eugene