Subject: Re: First Class Travel Sleeper
Hi, Ziners,

I just got my travel sleeper in the mail today. Of course, I wanted to try it out right away, but there were a couple of things that were confusing to me. I saw on the instruction sheet that there was a website for the company that makes them where they have a 5-minute instruction video. The video shows exactly how everything works and what to do and what not to do.

For those who are concerned about the sleeper extending above the seat in front of you, that would only happen if a tall person were using it. The man they showed in the video is 5' 10" tall, and he had to raise the top of the sleeper above the seat top to fit his head into the flat, uninflated portion where the head goes. Since I'm short (5' 3.5"), I need to have the top of the sleeper pulled down so *my* head will reach it.

It only took about 10 puffs of air for me to inflate it to my proper level, even though they said people under 150 lbs. need to add more air. It was very easy to do. To *deflate*, you open the valve and lean against the sleeper to get most of the air out, and then you fold it in half and roll it up to go into the case it comes in. That was quite easy to do, too.

The only problem I could see is that it's made of plastic, and I get too warm easily, so I could feel my body warmth coming back at me. What I'm going to do is put my travel blanket (very thin) against it first before I lean back into it. Also, I still felt like my head could fall forward unless the seat were all the way back, so I'm still going to take my neck pillow to use, too.

I hope this helps some of you.

Regards, Diana in San Diego, Calif.