Subject: Re: New York City restaurant
Hi Kathy,

With our travel motto being 'Sleep Cheap, Dine Fine' we researched many places before visiting New York (we visit around once per year). This year we had lunch at Jean- Georges and came away saying it was our favourite restaurant in New York (lunch is a bargain, relatively, as all dishes are priced at $12 and are appetizer-sized). The following night we went to wd-50 - and had the best meal we've ever had in the US!

BUT, be warned, the food there is sometimes termed 'experimental' and you'll receive things you haven't had elsewhere. But, the astonishing thing is that it "works". It's hard to explain - just do a google search on Wylie Dufresne (the chef and owner). For examples, saffron cotton candy; Foie Gras with a caramel centre. He does a tasting menu (good way to try many things), optionally paired with wines by the glass. And when we asked, he served us each different courses so we got to try about 18 different dishes (and the wines were different too). Much discussion at this link (scroll through to the most recent posts for current menu)

The restaurant attracts a younger crowd generally, but as 'more mature' customers we were treated extremely well and the service was very friendly (not too friendly, just right). The tables are a bit crowded (as they are in most NY restaurants) but you'll find that enables you to see what your neighbours are getting and there's a lot of conversation and pointing as you compare reactions with others - which also enhances the excitement.

And that last word sums it up for us. Wd-50 is certainly serving the most exciting food in New York right now. I've sent two other Toronto couples there this year and reactions ranged from 'not sure' to 'unbelievable' - but all agreed that this was one of the most memorable meals of their life - and certainly the most talked about.

And Wylie was there for all visits unlike many of the `famous' places where the chef is a celebrity rather than in the kitchen.

Alan & Catherine Gardner

PS We loved Fleur du Sel too but it's much quieter, like a clean Bistro, and doesn't rate on the 'excitement' meter.