Subject: Re: Oregon for hikers
Thanks for your reply Gail. Camping would be out for our trip to Oregon. We would fly from Michigan, rent a car, and would hope to stay in a couple of places, a week or so each, doing day hikes. Since we would have a car, the trailheads wouldn't have to be right outside the door of our accomodations.

As for trail difficulty, we are in our 70's, fit but old.

We would probably visit in the summer, unless you think spring or fall weather would be better. Here in Michigan, where we camp in state parks, we almost never travel in the summer because the nicest parks are full. We would have to make a reservation long in advance. If we go at the beginning of June or end of August, we can go anywhere without a reservation and we avoid the worst of the mosquitoes. And fall in Michigan is beautiful.