Subject: European Vacation 2006
Hello Fellow Travellers!!

Before I unleash my children (19 & 16) on the world I feel I need to show them more of the world's culture than just N.America as part of my parental duties. That, in addition to the fact that I have lived in Europe for 5-6 years on and off and can't wait to go back!!

I would appreciate any advice on whether or not our outline plan for the trip is feasible; or if it is just too much for one trip. We will travel next year (2006) for a minimum of 2 weeks but more likely 3 weeks. Having been there before, my focus areas are (in order of priority):

Italy (Florence/Rome followed by Pisa and Venice) France (Paris - plus we will visit the coast: Vimy;Dieppe etc Germany/Austria (I'm open to suggestions - Munich?) Netherlands (we have friends in the south) London/UK - though in reality I know we won't get that far.

I believe it this is too much for a couple of weeks but the outline plan has us flying into Rome and out of Paris while moving north by rail. It goes something like this:

Fly into Rome and stay there for 2 days, then to Florence for 3-4 days including travelling by rail to Pisa for a day. We could (possibly) do a day in Venice on the way north as well.

Next stop is a stay of 3-4 days in the southern Germany/bavaria region

Next to the Netherlands likely for 2-3 days

Finally to Paris where we will spend 2-3 days in the city and 1-2 days travelling to Dieppe/Vimy region - perhaps by rental car.

Fly home from Paris.

I would be more than happy to receive any comments on this plan; suggestions on where we should focus etc. Thanks in advance.

Jim & Judy Kingston, ON, Canada