Subject: London theatre - Guys and Dolls
Greetings, Ziners,

We've just returned from a great trip to Northern Europe ending in London, and I have to rave about the current production of Guys and Dolls featuring Ewen McGregor as Sky Masterson. It's unexpectedly magical! Ewen is the draw, to be sure, and he is surprisingly good on stage, but the runaway stars are the American singer/actress Jane Krakowski who plays Miss Adelaide and, collectively, the ensemble cast of actors/singers/dancers who play the gamblers, dance hall girls and missionaries, plus the orchestra. The normally reserved British audience (compared to Broadway theatre goers) went wild over a contagiously enthusiastic, "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat." At the end, almost everyone spontaneously rose en masse to give a standing ovation surprisingly early in the bows, long before the principals made their appearances. This musical (new to the West End and slated for a short run, at least with the current cast) is very popular with residents, and our performance was SRO--the first time I've ever seen folks pay to stand at the back!

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