Subject: Re: gasoline prices in Europe & diesel
Hello Ziners,

First an added note to the discussion on diesel vs gasoline. It's not just a matter of the lower price of diesel (except in GB), but diesel cars also get a much better mileage - 20% or better - than gasoline cars. That's why more than 50% of popular Peugeot cars are sold here in France in the diesel version. The purchase pice is higher, but that is of no concern when you are renting a car.

Gas prices in Europe are highest in the Netherlands and lowest in eastern European countries. In western Europe, Luxemburg and Switzerland are among the lowest. When traveling from North to South, or vv, and passing through Luxemburg you may join the long lines of price-savvy motorists.

Another very economical mode of transportation, in local areas, is the scooter. My son, over for a long summer holiday, discovered this. He's very enthusiastic, 70 m/pg, zipping past all those cars stuck on the coastal roads, finding easy parking in St-Tropez and so much more. He's even planning to buy one, when he gets back in Boston. I don't want to think yet about a scooter in the snow and slush of Boston winter.

Greetings from very dry and hot Provence,

Frieda Lekkerkerker