Subject: From Locarno Re: Amsterdam
Dear Ziners,

As I'm not writing too often and some newer members don't know me I'd like to reintroduce myself.

I'm Cornelia and I'm living in Minusio, Ticino, Switzerland. I'm married to Fabio who is absolutely keen on travelling to USA and Canada and during the last 15 years we have been to these countries several times. We also had the chance to visit Japan several times (my sister lived there for 12 years) and of course we have been to many European cities.

I'm working at a bank in Lugano, in the credit card department, and my husband Fabio is in charge of a hospital also in Lugano. Unfortunately we do not have a lot of time to travel around but usually we are doing short trips to visit cities twice a year and we are visiting the U.S. or Canada during our holidays, usually 2 weeks every year.

As I live in a wonderful area I would be happy to assist Ziners who are planning trips to Locarno and Lugano. I had the chance to read the travelogue of Joao and Luisa from Lisbon who apparently didn't like Locarno at all. If I had known they were coming I could have shown them around. Locarno and the whole area are very nice and every year lot of people (mainly from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands) are coming to visit the place.

I also would be happy if any Ziner could give me some suggestions about Amsterdam which I plan to visit next weekend. I'm looking for restaurants and cafes in the city centre and places I don't have to miss. Thank you very much.

Regards, Cornelia, Minusio, Switzerland