Subject: Re: Morocco / Sahara Trip
Hi Debbie and other Ziners!

Several years ago I did the Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Mekanes and Marrakesh tour with General Tours - my husband and I were the tour group! It was great. Missed not getting into the heart of the Atlas Mountains though we did drive up into some of the Berber country. People were wonderful - we were there right after 9-11 and they wanted us to know that they were sympathic to the US. Bazaar at Fez and the Djemaa el- Fna (central square) in Marrakesh are not to be missed. They will take you to all the great mosques artifacts. But don't miss Jardin Majorelle - a lovely out of the way garden owned by Yves St-Laurent - in Marrakesh, not necessarily on the tourist route but mentioned in Lonely Planet. And do check out Lonely Planet!

Other response: I've never done OAT but I have a friend who thinks they are the only way to travel. She's done several with them and has been enthusiatically pleased. Don't know if she's done Morocco.

You will enjoy, I'm sure!

Cheers! Jo in sunny Sunnyvale but heading up to Ontario for theatre next week - and I am doubling up on the shuttles. Price was a bit expensive but the timing was good!