Subject: Re: Niagara Falls
Hi Nelly,

My wife and I just returned from Niagara Falls a few days ago.

One of the highpoints was the Maid of the Mist, but, as Linda pointed out, it seems that it does not operate in December.

We stayed on the Canadian side - and were amazed at how garish - and tacky - the downtown areas was!

You get a great panoramic view of the Falls from the Canadian side, especially at night when the lights are on the Falls. However, am not sure if the lights are on in December.

The American side is far less touristy.

If you go to the American side, be sure that you spend a lot of time in the State Park. You can get magnificent close-up views of the Falls from a number of vantage points; in fact, you can almost touch them! And if the Observation Deck and Elevator operate in December, you should take advantage of them.

Dick Smith, Boston area