Subject: Re: Italy travel
Hi Jim,

Try calling the Medallion desk at Delta 1-800-325-6330 they seem to be the most knowledgeable about flights & connections & have never failed to help me....even in the years when I haven't qualified for medallion status. The menu gives you several want to take the one which offers redeeming your miles internationally with a partner carrier. Try to be really flexible with dates & routings. I found that when I suggest a routing, the Delta rep will try to book it. So I look up on Delta's website 1st & find several options before I call. You can actually book domestic award travel online so try that, too, just to make sure a seat is available. Cancel that booking before you complete just want to see if a seat's available but you want to have the Delta rep book your travel all the way through to Europe. Hope that makes sense. I usually accept a schedule that the Delta rep comes up with, even if it's not exactly what I want. They will hold it for 2 weeks, I think, & you can go back another time & have a different rep retrieve your reservation & tweak it. I've also found that sometimes by overnighting somewhere you can get the schedule you want. And what you really want is to fly 1st or business over the water. That's the long flight & where it counts most! I had success in May when I had to fly home suddenly from Italy, flying from Milan to London, overnighting, & then the next day on to the US. Definitely not optimum, but it was an extra treat to have a night in London to see a play. You have to be polite & persistent & eventually you'll get a schedule you can live with.

Carol Bailey in N. Idaho