Subject: Re:Solo travellers' strategies
Hi Ziners!

I recently became a single traveler and while I do go alone on some trips, I have used several tours that will set up room share and, if they haven't another single, give you a room to yourself at the shared price. This is true with Elderhostal, Explore Worldwide, Imaginative Traveler, Peregine, Adventures Abroad, and I think Travel Concepts International and OAT. I'm sure there are others. There is more of a problem with cruises - I haven't run into any with a guarenteed roommate plan.

When traveling alone, I just make myself available for conversation if I feel social. I've really had some good times that I'm sure I wouldn't have had where I were still a couple. Also I have signed up for day tours in the areas I'm visiting.

Best wishes to the solo traveler, whether alone or in a group!

Jo in sunny Sunnyvale, CA