Subject: Re: Solo travellers' strategies
Hi all,

About 90% of my travel has been solo. As someone mentioned, B&B's are good places to stay, not only can you converse with other people at meals, the owners are usually better equipped to give you personal attention about what to see, where to eat, etc.

Another way to meet people is to offer to take pictures - either when you see another solo traveler with a camera or one person taking a picture of a group (tho you may want to make sure the photographer is with the group - I used to go yearly to Arizona with a group of friends to watch the Cubs, we were taking pictures, and a guy came up and offered to take it of us all. Before he took it, someone else came up and told him "get in with your friends, I'll take the picture", so we all said yeah! and now we have pictures of us all along with a random guy.) I've ended up taking tours or meals with people I met this way.

I like traveling solo, but sometimes it's nice to have someone that you can turn to and say "Wow!"

Marguerite in Chicagoland