Subject: Re: Amsterdam
Cornelia and Ziners,

My husband and I were in Amsterdam for a few days in July and loved the Thai restaurant Rakang in the Jordaan neighborhood (Elandsgracht 29). Lovely table settings, terrific service, and delicious food. This neighborhood is also great for strolling (walk in the opposite direction of Leidesplein from the restaurant).

For a canal experience beyond the usual tour boat, we enjoyed doing the paddleboats. You can go pretty much wherever your courage and curiousity will allow. "Canalboat" has four or five spots where you can pick up and drop off the boats; they provide a map and some tips when you start. I believe the cost was only 8 euros per person per hour, with a 50 euro deposit.

I thought the Amsterdam history museum was a must-see. After 2.5 hours, my husband began to disagree. I would recommend going more quickly through the beginning and leaving more time for the end.

When you visit the Vondelpark (a must), take some time to stroll through the Art-Deco neighborhoods nearby. Fewer canals, but some really beautiful architecture and a quieter Amsterdam far from the stereotypes.

Stephanie in NC